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We had a ROTI PARTY in MALAYSIA! - with @Ken Abroad

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10 different types of ROTI in an epic ROTI PARTY during CMCO partial lockdown in Malaysia. After we ate until we almost felt sick, we think roti telur bawang, roti kaya and roti boom! (roti bom?) are the best. Although, roti milo and roti tissue deserve some praise, as they were surprisingly good. Roti planta was really the only one we didn't like.

Which roti is your favorite? Which type of roti do you hate? Which one did we miss out on?

Let us know!

Also, special thanks to KEN ABROAD for meeting up with us and helping us with our ROTI PARTY! Below is a link to the 5 rotis we tried during his video:


Be sure to check him out, subscribe to his channel and like his videos.

Thanks for watching!

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