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Takanori Suzuki - Decade of PyCon JP: How we spread the Python community in Japan

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"Decade of PyCon JP: How we spread the Python community in Japan
EuroPython 2020 - Talk - 2020-07-24 - Brian Online

By Takanori Suzuki

The history of PyCon JP has been 10 years since 2010
The conference itself has started up → expanded in scale → stabilized
At the same time, we are working on spreading Python throughout Japan.
And what to do in the future

History of PyCon JP
The origin of PyCon JP was PyCon APAC 2010 in Singapore
We have been holding PyCon JP every year since 2011
Our first PyCon was PyCon mini JP in 2011
We invited PyCon APAC from Singapore in 2013
Participants are increasing steadily
There is English tracks and Japanese talks

2013: Association
Purpose: We have established a legal entity to make it easier to manage money and contracts for PyCon JP event
I have been a director since 2013

2014-1016: Chair od PyCon JP event
I was the chair of PyCon JP event from 2014 to 2016
Purpose: Open management
I opened every staff meeting to make it easier for new staff to join
We created an operation manual and made it reusable
We regularly publish our activities on the blog to get interested in event management

2015-: PyCon mini
Small PyCons in the region were held in Sapporo and Hiroshima in 2015
It has been held in various places such as Kumamoto and Osaka
PyCon Kyushu is held all over Kyushu(Fukuoka - Okinawa - Kumamoto)
We have been sharing operating know-how and supporting money and people
We have also provided a subdomain of pycon.jp

2016-: Python Boot Camp
Objective: We visit all over Japan to teach Python → We connect with local people → We hope local communities to start up
We teach an introduction to Python programming in half a day
We hold 40 times in 3.5 years with 950 local participants
We hold in cooperation with local staff and local teachig assistants
Result: Some local communities have been created
PyCon JP has more people coming from local area

2019: Python Boot Camp Caravan, Regional Meetup

Purpose: To strengthen the connection between local communities
A regional meetup was held at PyCon JP 2019 with local community members
About 30 people gathered from all over Japan for this event
We had various discussions and shared ideas and worries
We hold local meetups online
We hold the first online meeting using Zoom, with 15 participants from all over Japan

We want to hold PyCon JP outside of Tokyo
We want to conquer all prefectures at Python Boot Camp
We want PyCon mini to be held all over Japan

We have spread Python throughout Japan with various activities
I think it's important to meet
First we go to meet local people
Reunion strengthens relationship

License: This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
Please see our speaker release agreement for details: https://ep2020.europython.eu/events/speaker-release-agreement/

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