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Sonic 2 Recreation and more - But does it work on Real Hardware?

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It's time to put all my Sonic creations to the ultimate test! You've all been wanting to know if Sonic 2 Recreation is up to the challenge, but are Sonic Bash and the others up to scratch? From my earliest work in 2002, all the way up to my latest and greatest, we examine if these really do work on a real Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

0:00 - Compiling Sonic 2 Recreation
0:28 - The games and hardware
1:41 - Red Hot Sonic 2 v0.90
3:40 - Sonic 2 Time Attack
7:12 - Sonic 2 Recreation
10:09 - Sonic Bash V2
12:06 - Conclusion

Subscribe to my YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/redhotsonic?sub_confirmation=1

Sponsor me and receive some goodies! More information can be found here: https://www.redhotsonic.com/#sponsor

redhotsonic's website: https://www.redhotsonic.com/

Discord Server invitation link: http://discord.redhotsonic.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/redhotsonic_RHS

PayPal: https://paypal.me/redhotsonic

Title Intro animation by Bryan Salter: https://twitter.com/BryanSalter
Intro music jingle by Funk Fiction: https://twitter.com/FunkySynths

You can download Sonic 2 Recreation, Sonic Bash v2 and the others from today's video from my official website: https://www.redhotsonic.com/#downloads

To view these replays, make sure you're in Normal Sonic mode first. On the Level select, using a RAM editor (like Regen 0.97D has), insert the hexadecimal data from these files into offset F100 ($FFFFF100). Once completed, in level select, highlight Emerald Hill 1 (or Death Egg, whichever RAM data you've inserted), hold A + B + C and press start. Enjoy the replay! Note, these will not record the new times. Also note, if you go into options or the times menu, the RAM will be cleared and you'll have to reinsert the replay data if you want to view them).

EHZ1 - 0'22"88 - https://redhotsonic.com/Downloads/EHZ1_S2TA_replay_RHS.dmp
DEZ - 0'47"62 - https://redhotsonic.com/Downloads/DEZ_S2TA_replay_RHS.dmp

If you want to save your own replays, finish any level/act with a time, then while still on level select, using a RAM editor, dump all data between F100 and F5FF ($FFFFF100 - $FFFFF5FF). Note, if you go into options or the times menu, the RAM will be cleared and you'll be unable to save your replays until you set another new time.

#Sonic2Recreation #SonicBash #BDIWORH

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