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PAKISTAN Bread Trick

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Peshawar is a town in Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan, and a place from which I have very fond memories after a great trip there in Oct 2018. I am BUZZING with energy today though, after finding out that this "Peshawar Restaurant" is quite near my home, and I couldn't wait for the chance to go and visit!

Zafar and Sajjida, thank you for an amazing meal and such a wonderful welcome today - and thank you for the chance to make a video to share this experience with everyone as well!! See you again very soon.

Hello everyone, and HAPPY Thai Mother's Day! In Thailand, this means a National Holiday, and Li and I are heading straight for the next jaw-dropping Asian restaurant, this one full of food from Pakistan!

The wonderful and friendly couple welcoming us today are worth every bit of praise that I could give - and for the food, I am just gonna leave you with my newest favorite comment from Google Maps - because this was what I saw when I was searching for directions to the restaurant;

"I could eat here for 40 days straight, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"

"This could quite possibly be the best restaurant in the entire world."

Oh man :-D With reviews like this, how could you possibly go wrong?

Have a magnificent day today, I hope this finds you well. Li and I say a big 'Hi!' and I am always so grateful for the supportive words you leave me in the comments below (or comments about the seriously tasty food, those are awesome as well :) ) - thank you for taking the time to write, thanks for sharing yourselves and showing everyone here some love!

Have a great day, see you for the next one!
Love Joel and Li

Peshawar Restaurant

The entire meal including drinks cost 840B (= 26$US)

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