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New Baby Has Come in Shahid Kapoor's Family


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Shahid Kapoor has Become a Brother Again. Chocolate boy of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor has become a brother once again. Yes, it is right that the Bollywood actor has become a brother again at the age of 39. This might be a shocking news for the fans of the actor but is true. Shahid Kapoor already has a brother and he is none other than another Bollywood actor Ishaan Khattar. Ishaan is the son of Shahid’s mother Neelima Azeem and Shahid’s step father, Rajesh Khattar. Both the brothers, Shahid and Ishaan have become brother again. Let us find out in this video every detail on this matter. Well, Shahid Kapoor is the son of Neelima Azeem and Pankaj Kapoor. But after separating with Pankaj Kapoor, Neelima got married with Rajesh Khattar and Ishaan is their son. Rajesh is Shahid’s step father and Ishaan is Shahid’s step brother and they share really great bond. Well, Neelima has parted her ways with Rajesh but Rajesh still shares a good bond with Ishaan and Shahid. Rajesh got married with Vandana Sajnani in the year 2008 after divorcing Neelima in 2001. And recently Rajesh Khattar gave a good news with his present wife Vandana Sajnani. Rajesh has become a father again in the previous year and Vandana has become a mother. And recently, after one year of the birth of their little bundle of joy, Rajesh and Vandana has shared the pictures. They have welcomed their baby son Vanraj Krishna last year and their baby was born three months premature. They kept their son’s name Vanraj by combining their names Vandana and Rajesh. As Vanraj was born on the day of Janmashtami, they also named him Krishna. Baby Vanraj looked very cute in the pictures with his father and mother. Rajesh Khattar also added a beautiful caption with the picture which he wrote on behalf of his son. They shared the picture of their little munchkin with the fans and the world on their 12th wedding anniversary. As it was their first wedding anniversary after Vanraj’s birth, they chose to share his pictures. As he is Rajesh Khattar’s son, this makes him the step brother of Ishaan Khattar and Shahid Kapoor. Well, looks like the 39 year old actor now has a brother of one year old. Shahid’s own children, Misha and Zain are elder than their uncle Vanraj, who is just a baby now. Ishaan and Shahid both are really happy for their father, Rajesh Khattar as he has become a proud parent again. During an interview, Rajesh Khattar has revealed that Vandana faced a lot of complications during pregnancy. Vandana was actually pregnant with twins but during the sixth month they lost one of the babies. To save the other baby they had to opt for delivery then which is why he was born three months premature. Their baby Vanraj Krishna was also in the new-born intensive care unit for two and a half months.


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