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How Twitch Is Reaching New Audiences, and Making Brands Feel Welcome Too | ON BRAND | Muse by Clio

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People spend a staggering 1.7 billion hours per month watching Twitch streams, which is more than twice the hours spent on Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and HBO combined. It’s also double Twitch’s numbers of just a year ago—remarkable growth due in part to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode of ON BRAND, we chat with Twitch’s vp of global marketing, John Koller, about just what that growth looks like—a heavy new emphasis on music, in addition to its roots in gaming, as well as the charity angle Twitch has always championed. We also discuss Twitch’s efforts to diversify its user base, which has long skewed male, and how it engages brands in a space that can be tough to navigate for newbies. To see all of our ON BRAND interviews, visit https://musebycl.io/on-brand.
1:34 - How WFH is going for John and his team.
3:11 - What is Twitch, exactly, and how has it evolved?
6:45 - A look at Twitch’s Stream Aid 2020 virtual event.
10:28 - How Twitch is engaging the music industry.
12:16 - A look at Streamer Bowl 2020, where celebs battled in Fortnite on Twitch.
14:29 - How Twitch created a virtual replacement for E3.
16:16 - How Twitch works with big brands like P&G.
19:29 - What brands should do to feel comfortable with Twitch.
22:13 - Making Twitch’s user base more diverse.
26:10 - What the next six months look like for Twitch.

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