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[FC] Baby Shark (Chriilz Remix) (Hard) [21] | A+ 99.96% | RoBeats!

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You've always dreamed of being a star. And now... you're finally here.
The big city. It's the place to be!

Welcome to RoBeats!
- Compete in 4-player head-to-head rhythm matches!
- Hundreds of songs to unlock. We've got all your favorites!
- Complete missions to earn coins and up your rank.
- Live updates with new content every day.

PROTIP: Default controls are "ASDF", but try playing with "JKL;" to use both hands. You can rebind your keys in the Misc ➡️ Settings menu.

To get the latest updates and get involved in the community, follow @spotco (http://twitter.com/spotco - Check the pinned message!)

Song: https://robeats.fandom.com/wiki/Baby_Shark_(Chriilz_Remix)
Play RoBeats here: http://robeats.net or http://roblox.com/games/698448212
KeyPerSecond: http://github.com/RoanH/KeysPerSecond
What does the text say on my titles?
ns = Note Speed
Tech FC = full combo, which in essence means no missing notes
FC = full combo, no okays
AP = All Perfect
Social Links
Join my Discord: http://discord.gg/AHmsy7y
Join my Roblox Group: http://roblox.com/groups/5668559/Mystics-Mansion
All the music in my videos DOES NOT belong to me, copyrights belong to each respective owners.

Thumbnail by: Indo_TKG & Temmeh8274

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