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Easy Egg Mayo Sandwich Recipes | 10 Minutes Recipe | Easy Breakfast recipe | by Baba Khadmi Foods

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Assalam- o-Alikium
this is Chef Tanveer Hussain Khadmi
from BaBa KhaDmi FooDs

I Hope Everyone is fine by the Grace of Allah Almighty and me too.

Egg Boiled: 4 Pcs
Mayonnaise: 4 TBS
White Salt: 1/2 Tsp
Black Paper Powder: 1/4 Tsp
Breads for SandWich: At Your Choice

Eggless Mayonnaise : ( https://youtu.be/1K-paXvY2kA )
Homemade Mayonnaise : ( https://youtu.be/VC6QAw-8qk0 )

DISCLAIMER: This Channel (BABA KHADMI FOODS) is about cooking but not a traditional cooking channel where you did see experts rather it is going to be novice trying recipes of experts so you will see famous chef’s recipes being prepared here with and without mistakes......
It is going to be a very good fun cooking channel which my produce great results at the end. (Insha’Allah)
Never miss a videos by subscribing, shearing and pressing the bell icon. Get ready for some amazing Videos and keep watching. And
viewers please Subscribe to My channel( BaBa KhaDmi FooDs) and Click to Bell icon with like to my videos and Share in the friends for Subscribe thanks.

Thanks with regards.
BaBa KhaDmi FooDs
Chef Tanveer Hussain

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