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EASY Baking: Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake Recipe!

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A no fuss basic baking recipe to easily master which can be adapted with any fruit you might like to substitute. I particularly like the combination of raspberries and white chocolate here though, a combination I often add to muffins for sweet summery vibes.

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Ingredients (US & METRIC):

For the cake:
200g/ 7 oz self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
200g/ 7 oz caster sugar
Pinch of salt
250g/ 9 oz ricotta
4 large free range eggs
125g/ 1 stick butter, melted
250g/ 9 oz raspberries
200g/ 1 cup white chocolate, roughly chopped

For the topping:
150g/ ¾ cup white chocolate
125ml/ 4 fl oz double cream
½ vanilla pod, split and seeds scraped
125g/ 4 oz creme fraiche
Strawberries, halved, to decorate

Get the full method here: https://donalskehan.com/recipes/raspberry-white-chocolate-ricotta-pound-cake/

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