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Collocations With DO
do the ironing
do badly
do exercises
do an interview
do research
do an operation
do the math
do a favour
do cleaning
do a drawing
do business
do the cooking
do the shopping
do your hair
do damage
do the dishes
do good
do anything
do your chores
do sport
do nothing
do the housework
do your best
do home work
do laundry
do harm
do the exam
do a good job
do everything
do well

Collocations With HAVE
have a shower
have a wash
have a rest
have a nap
have a lie down
have a holiday
have a party
have a haircut
have a chat
have a conversation
have an argument
have a fight
have a lecture
have a jog
have a swim
have a game
have a drill
have a think
have lunch
have a coffee
have a bath
have a scrub
have a break
have a snooze
have a dream
have a day off
have fun
have a shave
have a decision
have a talk
have a dispute
have a quarrel
have a walk
have a run
have a stretch
have a dance
have a lesson
have a meal
have a snack
have a sweet

Collocations With TAKE
take a hike
take a survey
take medicine
take part
take my place
take effect
take it seriously
take it apart
take a course
take time
take a bath
take a break
take a picture
take notes
take a break
take a rest
take an exam
take your time
take a bite
take advice
take a risk
take the bus
take a trip
take lessons
take a long time
take cover
take a vacation
take heart
take a sit

Collocations With BREAK
break a bone
break a habit
break down
break a promise
break a window
break new ground
break the ice
break a leg
break one’s fall
break even
break from tradition
break the silence
break free
break the ice
break the rules
break loose
break one’s fall
break even
break from tradition
break the silence
break free
break the ice
break the rules
break loose

break the spell
break up
break a code
break a law
break the news to someone
break a record
break ground
break someone’s heart

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