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CLEAN, ORGANIZE & DECLUTTER WITH ME 2020 | Toddler Montessori Wardrobe etc

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#cleanwithme #cleaningmotivation #cleanlikeamom

Declutter, Clean and Organize with Me!!
In this video I have cleaned and organized my daughter/toddler's wardrobe Montessori style.

Why Montessori Style Wardrobe? As....
1. Montessori Wardrobe teach your children life skills - self-dressing and organisation.
2. It promotes independence
3. Show respect towards the child - I respect you, I trust you and I will enable you to make your own clothing choices, often for little ones, it's a choice between one or two seasonally appropriate outfits.
4. Provide freedom and responsibility within limits in an age-appropriate way
5. Help develop self-expression by picking the clothes and accessories your child choose to wear

Also I have done massive declitter and organization of my kids toys.

I love cleaning and organizing my kids room, their wardrobe, toys etc as I have one day I won't do it anymore!

Hope you enjoy...Cleaning like a Mom session.

Lots of ❤ Diya

About Me:
Hi Guys, My name is Diya Rajguru and I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and two kids.
I am Gujarati from Ahmedabad and am true Amdavadi from heart.
On my channel, you will find... Kids Routine videos, Day in the Lifes, Kids Nutrition & Health including Meal charts, Recipes, Skincare, Wintercare etc. You will also find muminspiration through my Cleaning tips and SAH Mom routines and much more.
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