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BRITISH SUPERMARKET vs Russian | Learn English At The Grocery Store

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It's my last week away, before I head back to Moscow, Russia. While I'm visiting my family in England I thought it would be fun to give you a tour around a British supermarket (also known as a grocery store) called Tesco. I compared this British supermarket with what I usually come across when shopping at a Russian supermarket when I'm living in Moscow. While you watch this tour you can learn some new words and things about the British food culture.

0:00 Introduction
3:30 Meal deals
4:40 Presents & cards
6:05 Kids' toys
6:34 Homeware
9:14 Phones
9:34 Clothes
10:45 Bakery
12:59 Condiments
15:00 Fruits & vegetables
21:25 Dairy
27:50 Ready-made meals
32:03 Vegan
33:00 Meat
36:10 Tins
37:17 Alcohol
38:27 Chocolates & biscuits
39:50 Cereals
40:42 Frozen products
43:24 Payment

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