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Best Budget Friendly Microphone | Cheapest Vlogging Microphone | YouTube Vlogging MIC | VekSun MIC

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Best Budget Friendly Microphone | Cheapest Vlogging Microphone | YouTube Vlogging MIC | VekSun MIC

#VloggingMicrophone #YoutubeMic #CheapestMicReview

The most important thing you will need for vlogging is a good microphone. The camera comes in second place. After all nobody will follow you if they can’t hear you well, So it’s an important step to become a successful vlogger. Here I explain about microphones for YouTube vlogging, No matter what kind of camera you’re planning to use. Vlogging video content with blog posts, looks like it might become the new blogging. If you are thinking about starting a vlog, or already have one, you might want to know what tools are best to use. In this part of Explores vlogging how-to series, consider sound; in particular, how to capture and record great sound. There are two key microphone types used in audio for video, shotgun microphones and lavalier microphones.

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