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[4K] Fresh and Cheap Sashimi-Jukdo Fish Market, Pohang Korea

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“Shopping at the fish auction house!”
#octopus #pohang_tour #east_sea

In Pohang, the city of POSCO, there is Jukdo Market. It is home to the largest fish market on the east coast. Fresh seafood here is supplied to surrounding cities such as Daegu, Gyeongju, and Ulsan.

Guamegi in winter and Mulhoe in summer are not to be missed on a trip to Pohang. I also ate Pohang Mulhoe at a restaurant in Jukdo Fish Market. Sokcho's famous Cheongcho Sumulhoe mainly uses seafood such as abalone sea squirt, but this place mainly uses fish meat like sashimi bowl, so I liked it better. The price is also much cheaper than Sokcho, but I was surprised to find the side dishes served quite well.

I like to see the market, but the fish market is especially fun. This is because I can see lively locals with the fluttering fish. Let's go to a place full of strong southern women.

★MAP: http://naver.me/FN28JQQX
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