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#245 Do You Mind? / Can I? | Mark Kulek LiveStream Lesson - ESL

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Do You Mind? / Can I? (ask for something). KeyWords: Can I ...? - have more coffee, talk to Joe, borrow a dollar, get the red one, Do you mind if I ...? - go now, join you tonight, close the door, turn on the light + more. LiveStream English Lesson. Conversation, Dictation Cards, Card Guessing Game, Reading, Phonic Practice. Also in today's video - Vocabulary and Dictation, American Idioms. We will also do - Vocabulary Practice, Card Guessing Game, Live Reading: listen, Q&A, shadowing, reading, Dictation - (short conversations), Collocations, and Short Conversation Practice, Picture Speculation.  

▶️ *Mark Kulek does LiveStream Lessons every Tuesday at 5 p.m. Wednesday at 10 a.m. and Friday at 10 a.m. - all times are (Japan Asia/Tokyo)*  

Dictation cards  - Do you mind? / Can I? - example sentences 

0:00 Intro
13:30 Card Guessing Game
36:00 What is the Meaning
1:15:52 Dictation Cards (Do you mind? / Can I?)
1:32:15 Shadowing
2:06:50 Do It By Yourself

Lolly's Revenge -
Joe - Sue, are you busy right now? Sue - No, I'm just checking my email. Where are you? Joe - I'm at the park and need your help. Sue - What kind of help? Joe - Could you bring my wallet to me? Sue - Why can't you come and get it yourself? Joe - My driver's license is in it. Sue - So? Joe - I can't drive without it. Sue - How did you get to the park?

50 Very Short Conversations (showing interest) - May I have some more? Yes, of course. I really like your coffee. I'm happy to hear that. Where did you buy it? I bought it online. - May I have some ____? Would you like some ____?  

✅ Join Mark's Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VWyvdF-91McG6kt27MeKA/join

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