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白灼麵包蟹 Poached Edible Crab (Eng. Subtitles)

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(Please scroll down for English Description) 好耐之前係外國食過麵包蟹,大大隻,啲肉好甜,每隻腳都好多肉,但當時啲蟹膏就俾餐廳廚房掉晒!


呢啲唔係青蟹(肉蟹、膏蟹、奄仔)即外國人通稱 mud crab 泥蟹,唔使好似中式煮蟹咁劏開嚟洗! 係外國啲外國人放隻蟹入冰水等佢瞓覺,跟住成隻掉入滾水煮熟,熟左先拆開隻蟹!

Long time ago I had Edible crab in a restaurant overseas, it was big with a lot flavour and full of meat. Unfortunately, the crab cream was dumped by the kitchen of the restaurant before serving it.

Recently, I found live Edible crab in local market, although quite expensive, I bought one for my family to enjoy. Edible crab is different to mud crab which is dirty and with a lot of mud, so the cleaning of Edible is easy and simple, I used western cooking approach, chilled the crab until it slept then poached it. Just with a few drop of lemon juice is already good enough to enjoy the good flavour of the crab.

Edible crab is not mud crab, no need to clean it like we cook mud crab for local dishes. In western countries, they would just put the crab in iced water to make it sleeping then poach it with boiling water. They would only carve the crab after it has been cooked. This video is in Cantonese with English subtitles, recipe and cooking procedure are described in it.

Music composed by Peter Kwok
Email: info@peterkwok.online

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